Howdy Folks


When I was young it was always a struggle to consistently keep a journal. It wasn’t that anyone was necessarily recommending I should keep a journal, but what intrigued me so much was the idea of being able to look back on entries and reminisce on my past experiences. It was hard for me to keep a strict journal, and I would get overwhelmed with how little I had accomplished and would then give up entirely. Fast forward to about a year ago when I find a small red paged journal.Flipping through it gave me a sudden burst of inspiration. Now back to the present day I had filled that journal surprisingly fast and am almost finished with my second one. More and more I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project of writing, drawing, and doodling. It took me bit to fully detach from what I had thought a journal should be, because I knew from experience that was not what I wanted to do. I decided to make a packed with myself to just let go. This wasn’t easy, and still have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need to do more or less but just as much as I wanted. Now every time I flip through each page I am reminded of who I am and how I have responded to joy, sadness and anger. This carefully detailed journal has given me a greater sense of being. It reminds me each day of who I am and allows me to take a deeper look into my own self growth and personal tendencies. It makes me proud to be me.

Here's a link to a song I think you would appreciate Baobab Tree.